Saturday, July 14, 2007

Major Breakthrough?

For years public radio has considered listeners who give $1,000 or more annually as major donors. A lot of people at this year's Public Radio Development and Marketing Conference are talking about how that sells public radio short. There seems to be movement to start thinking of these folks as important annual donors. That's going to make room for more productive approaches to getting real major donors -- those who make five, six and seven figure gifts. That's a good thing for public radio.

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Anonymous Aaron Read said...

It's worth remembering that inflation is an important metric here. $1000 in 1995 dollars is only worth about $760 in 2006 dollars; a drop of 25% (!!!)

I'll bet if there were a way to adjust for "Public Radio inflation", that $1000 would be worth even less. "Public Radio inflation" (I won't call it "PRI" of course :-) is the dramatic increase in budget required by public radio stations overall in the past 10 years or so, as the level of quality, need for equipment and need to compete in the overall radio market (instead of just within the non-comm band) have driven up station budgets quite a bit.

The $1000 ceiling has always been more of a psychological construct than a real number, but you're absolutely right that we need to focus the concept of "major donors" on much higher totals.

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