Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fundraising Bad Libs

My company provides stations with on-air pledge drive scripts. Some of those scripts have blank spaces for local information. The Morning Edition host at a client station recently commented that the scripts looked like a Mad Lib. I just couldn't leave that idea alone. Here are two Fundraising Bad Libs for your enjoyment. Feel free to make up and post your own.

Fundraising Bad Lib #1

Just 10 more ____________ (plural noun) and we will meet our goal for this hour. Meeting that goal earns us a very special ____________ (noun) from a ___________ (adjective) ____________ (station call letters) listener. Just pick-up the ___________ (noun) and talk with one of our _____________(adjective) volunteers. We need to get them busy or they will _________ (verb) all of the ____________ (a type of food). It’s so _____________ (adjective) to do. And remember every ______________ (a word that begins with “D”) makes a difference.

Fundraising Bad Lib #2

Everyone who gives _______________ (plural noun) now is automatically ____________ (verb, past tense) into a drawing for a _________ (adjective) ________________ (noun). This is your chance to _____________ (verb) the programs you _________ (verb) on this station. You don’t have to ____________ (verb) to enter, but we hope you will anyway. Remember, your gift to ___________ (call letters) helps _______________ (verb) for the _____________ (articles of clothing) of people such as _______________ (public radio host) ______________ (public radio host), and _________________ (person playing Fundraising Bad-Libs).

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Blogger Aaron Read said...

Heya John, here's an article on how commercial radio is starting to use more two second "blinks" and five second "adlets" instead of the usual 30 or 60 second commercials.

What the article didn't mention was how these shorter adlets could also be construed as "less intrusive/offensive"...something that public radio often touts as a benefit of underwriting.

In other words, perhaps the difference between commercial radio and public radio is narrowing...a difference that public radio relies on for its fundraising.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Aaron Read said...

Whoops, forgot the link.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Nathan said...

Here in the home of Clear Channel (San Antonio), they've been running 2-second blinks on WOAI-TV for a few years now, cross-promoting the Clear Channel radio stations in the market. Up pops a logo and a voice that identifies the station... "Mix," "KJ," etc.

My wife and I find them a little silly, and still annoying. I think they're annoying to us because we can see the technique behind the ads, and know the purpose. That seems to make them even more annoying than normal ads.

I haven't heard anything about how effective they are, though if they're now exporting them out of our market, I guess they work okay.

10:05 AM  

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