Monday, May 21, 2007

A Big Membership Goal for Public Radio

This hasn't received a lot of press yet (can we still say "press?") but it is worth getting on your radar.

DEI, the organization for public radio fundraising professionals, is working on an industry-wide initiative to increase the total number of public radio donors to 3 million per year. by 2011.

The project is called M3M -- for Membership 3 Million -- and its goal is to add about a half million donors to the membership roles of public radio stations. There's already been some good collaboration on a national level and I think stations will benefit from lots of new resources designed to renew current givers, recover lapsed donors, and acquire new donors.

There's a short item about this on page A4 of the May 14, 2007 print edition of Current. I'll have more on it here in a few days.

There will also be more at this year's Public Radio Development and Marketing Conference, which makes it a must-attend meeting for any station concerned about growing its membership base during these changing times. That would be... every station.

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