Thursday, May 17, 2007

... And Associates

Just a quick note to let you know John Sutton & Associates (JSA) is expanding its Membership fundraising services offerings in a couple of ways. As one colleague put it, "John Sutton & Associates finally has real associates."

For the past several years, Jay Clayton and I have been helping stations develop and implement strategic plans to grow net membership revenue and their number of annual givers. We also help stations implement those plans through direct mail, web, and pledge drive support.

I'm pleased to announce that Jay is available on a limited basis to help produce and pitch pledge drives. If you've never heard Jay's on-air work, he's quite good. He's about the only person the Car Guys would work with on-air when they pitched directly for WBUR. I've heard many times when Jay got people to the phones while making Tom and Ray laugh.

I'm also pleased to announce that Sonja Lee, most recently Program Director of KBBI in Homer, Alaska is also available for pledge drive producing and pitching support. She is now working out of Nashville, TN. Sonja brings more than a decade of experience to her pledge drive work. She's versed in traditional pledge drive production and Power Hours

Sonja is available through JSA to provide any station, small or large, with on-site pledge drive support, beginning in June. Her work is supported by JSA's full set of on-air fundraising planning and implementation resources. So if you need some help in the next few weeks, let us know.

We are also developing specially-priced services for small market stations. One of those services is The One-Day Drive, pioneered by Carol Young and the folks at WSKG in Binghamton, NY and replicated elsewhere, including at KBBI.

Sonja teamed up with KBBI Development Director Jonathan Coke to successfully implement the One-Day Pledge Drive concept -- raising a whole pledge drive's worth of money in just one day -- on three separate occasions. She's available to help stations interested in implementing One-Day Drives. We'll also put some One-Day Drive resources on later this month.

If you're looking for help with a June fund drive or looking to improve your results this fall, shoot me an e-mail at or call (240) 432-1885.

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