Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fantasy Pledge Drive League

I’m thinking about starting a Fantasy Pledge Drive League. It would work kind of like those baseball and football Fantasy leagues; only it would be for the amusement and entertainment of public radio professionals.

Your team would consist of on-air pitchers and stations of different formats. We’d hold a draft. Each team owner would get two picks from each category. Example:

Pitchers: Scott Williams, KJZZ and Sonja Lee, KBBI
News Station: WFAE and KPBS
Music Station: WNCW and KBAQ
Mixed Format Station: WSHU and WBHM

You get 10 pledge drive days to play. You must play each of your picks at least three times so you can't just pick first and last days. Points are awarded for money raised and new members joined, relative to the audience for each station. So it’s not how big your audience is, it’s what you do with it.

Bonus points are given for stations that raise 60% of their listener support off-air (mail, e-mail, etc) and still have efficient pledge drives.

Points are deducted if anyone at one of your station picks makes the following statements:

- “Sure we missed our goal, but our average gift is WAY up.”
- “My market is different.” (Exemption for Homer, Alaska only)
- “Our listeners love it when our GM sings her alma mater’s fight song every time we get a $100 pledge. That really gets the phones ringing.”
- “Pledge drives are a good time for the community to get to know everyone at the station, even the chief engineer.”
- “We don’t need a consultant.”

Okay. That last one was a joke.

Each team owner would also get to pick two Power Hours from three different stations. These are for the playoffs. The four teams would face off in a semi-final round by pitting Power Hours against each other. The two winners would square off for the championship.

Our co-commissioners, The Car Guys and Dan Schorr, would settle all disputes. Tom and Ray count as one person.

Whatcha’ think? Wanna play?


Blogger Aaron Read said...


Seriously, this is a GREAT idea. Plus, all too often each public radio station exists in its own little world. This would probably help a lot to spread the word around a little.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Greg said...

...great idea. But I'm sure it would end up like my fantasy baseball team in the end..I'll loose interest despite the fact that my starting pitchers have gone on the DL. (DL= Don't Let them pitch)

4:22 PM  

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