Friday, October 31, 2008

End of Year Fundraising

You might have already seen the announcement about the Best of 2008 fundraising special. It's a project we're putting together with Jay Clayton, NPR, PRI, APM, DEI, and Public Interactive.

The centerpiece of the project is a national fundraising special to air on Saturday 12/27. Peter Sagal and Fred Child will host. Ira Glass and the Car Guys will be featured. We will look back at the most compelling moments in public radio in 2008.

There's an off-air fundraising component as well with direct mail letters, eblast copy, and on-air support spots to run from Thanksgiving to December 31.

The Project Overview and FAQ is here. (PDF)

Stations can sign-up here.

Is there something you heard on public radio in 2008 worth including in the special? Submit your suggestions via email:


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