Thursday, October 19, 2006

The More They Give...

... the more they will give.

One of the most powerful concepts in fundraising is that people who just gave you money are among the most likely to give you money again, right now. This point was reinforced again for me just a few minutes ago.

I'm helping WSHU in Fairfield, CT with its pledge drive and this morning they received two generous contributions from listeners who just returned from a WSHU-sponsored trip to Italy.

Before you think the magic here is fresh pasta and authentic gelato, these multiple gifts aren't the product of arranging a vacation for some listeners. They are the result of the public service WSHU provides to these listeners and its community. And they are the result of WSHU establishing and maintaining genuine relationships with people who love public radio.

You have listeners such as these tuned to your station. Are you building relationships with them or just marketing to them?


Anonymous works at a station said...

I know this is true, and the example at WSHU seems to be a best case scenario of what you are demonstrating. During OUR recent pledge drive, I overheard one of the volunteers telling us about a woman who had just made a pledge "She said it was her third pledge this drive!" I was aghast! Clearly she was getting the message but taking it so seriously--obviously this woman represents such a tiny minority of listeners, but still, I wanted to tell her-- thank you so much, but let someone else do their part too!

3:17 PM  
Blogger RadioSutton said...

I'm hearing more stories like this one. It's worth tracking how many people give more than one gift during a fundraising "saeson" via mail, web, on-air, how those gifts come in, and whether it is happening more now than in the past.

10:18 AM  

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