Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Quiz #4 Answers

The answers to this week's quiz.

1. True or False? Public radio successfully met its goal in the 1980s of doubling the AQH audience in five years.

False. Public radio made great progress the first five years but didn't quite make the goal. Having the goal focused public radio's resources on growth and many of the actions taken as part of the audience building effort continue to serve public radio well. It's a lesson we should embrace today.

2. Based on On-Air Fundraising Partnership research in the 1990s, what was the number one reason listeners gave for NOT contributing to public radio?

a) Public radio is too liberal
b) Someone else will give
c) They could get better stuff from public television

The answer is "b" - someone else will give. For all the benefits public radio receives from its subsidies, they also provide many listeners and public radio professionals with a reason to not do all that they can to support public radio's growth.

3. Why is Car Talk's Doug Berman known as the Subway Fugitive?

I'd love to say this has something to do with the food chain, Jarrod, and Big Macs, but it doesn't. Mr. Berman was being written up by a Washington, DC Metro officer for illegally consuming food on the subway. When the officer paused to stop another food-carrying criminal, Berman slipped into the shadows never to be seen by that officer again.


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