Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Quiz #1 Answers

The answers to Your Weekly Public Radio Quiz #1:

1. True or False. Most public radio listeners spend more time with commercial radio stations than with public radio stations.

True. On average, public radio listeners spend 42% of their total radio listening time with public radio stations. That's based on an analysis of Spring 2005 Arbitron data for the Audience 2010 project.

2. Where do public radio listeners do more of their listening during morning drive? a) At Home or b) In the Car

At Home. According to Arbitron's Public Radio Today 05, 52% of all Weekday, 6a-10a public radio listening was done at home. 35% was done in-car.

3. Which magazine has more public radio listeners as readers, Arthritis Today or Muscle and Fitness?

Muscle and Fitness. According to Profile 2005 from NPR, 2.87% of all public radio listeners looked at Muscle and Fitness in the past 6 months. That translates to about 775,000 listeners from the weekly audience. Arthritis Today was stiff competition at 2.01%, or about 543,000 listeners.


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