Monday, May 01, 2006

Quiz #3 Answers

The answers to quiz #3.

1. If current audience trends continue, public radio will reach more Gen X and Gen Y listeners than Baby Boomers in 2010.

True. Audience 2010 explores this and other generational listening trends on page 9 in its report “Historic Sources of Growth.”

2. Which activity is done by more public radio listeners?

A) Golfing
B) Playing a musical instrument
C) Gambling at a casino

C. Gambling. According to NPR’s Profile 2005 (PDF), in the past year, 17.6% of public radio listeners gambled in a casino, 15.3 % went golfing, and 14% played a music instrument.

3. Which of the following statements about Carl Kasell are true?

A) He is a magician
B) He still writes his newscasts on a manual typewriter
C) He has his own jingle
D) His mentor was Andy Griffth

A, C, and D. Carl has performed his magic act a few public radio events. “The Carl Kasell Show” jingle – from his early career as a commercial radio personality – was once featured in an NPR fundraising segment. Wikipedia, and other sources, cite the Andy Griffith relationship.


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