Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Quiz #2

Here are the answers to Quiz #2.

1. True or False. Young adults don't listen to public radio.

False. According to Arbitron's Public Radio Today 05, nine percent of all women between 25 and 34 listen to public radio for 6 hours in a typical week. 10% of all 25-34 men listen an average of 7 hours per week. As far back as 1998, it's been known that a greater percentage of today's young adults listen to public radio than Baby Boomers did at the same age.

See Audience 98 for more.

2. Which make of car is owned by more public radio listeners?

A) Ford
B) Honda
C) Toyota

A) Ford. According to NPR's Profile 05, 24% of public radio listeners own a Ford. About 13% own a Honda and 16% own a Toyota.

3. Which one of the lists below is compiled and maintained by NPR's Susan Stamberg?

A) NPR's female hosts and correspondents honored with major journalism awards
B) NPR employees who married one another
C) Books authored by NPR hosts, ranked by sales results

B) NPR employees who married one another. Apparently, it's a big list. See this report from USA Today in 2002.


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