Sunday, April 30, 2006

Your Weekly Public Radio Quiz #3

1. True or False. If current audience trends continue, public radio will reach more Gen X and Gen Y listeners than Baby Boomers in 2010.

2. Which activity is done by more public radio listeners?

A) Golfing
B) Playing a musical instrument
C) Gambling at a casino

3. Which of the following statements about NPR's Carl Kasell are true?

A) He is a magician
B) He still writes his newscasts on a manual typewriter
C) He has his own "Carl Kasell" jingle
D) His mentor was Andy Griffth

Disclaimers: Answers to questions 1 and 2 are based on national averages. Your mileage may vary. Past results do not necessarily predict future performance but ignoring them can cause audience loss. This quiz is for recreational purposes only. RadioSutton does not condone wagering anything of value on the answers. Use Your Weekly Public Radio Quiz at your own risk. Ask your doctor if a career in public radio is right for you.


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