Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grow the Audience: Priorities

There’s pretty much something for everybody in the Grow the Audience report from the Station Resource Group (SRG) and CPB. According to the report, public radio must:

• Strengthen its current national news programs
• Increase the amount of local news programming and reporting
• Build new and improved classical, jazz and AAA music services locally and nationally
• Build new services to attract Black and Hispanic listeners to public radio
• Do all of the above on the radio and on-line

“Do everything” is not a strategy. And this is partially acknowledged deep inside the Grow the Audience report. Section Six, Develop Market by Market Strategies for Audience Growth, rules out investing resources in growing the audience at stations in markets 51 or smaller.

Even if smaller markets are not included in project, the reality is that there aren’t enough resources to serve the objectives listed above. It would be a waste to spread limited funds across such a large swath of activities. Further prioritization is necessary to make smart, effective investments in audience growth.

The Grow the Audience report is silent on that prioritization process. We believe the difficult decisions about who gets help and who gets left behind should be fully transparent. Hopefully, CPB and the SRG will address this in future reports.

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Blogger Aaron Read said...

“Do everything” is not a strategy.

I couldn't help but laugh at this one, hit the nail on the head PERFECTLY with that line.

Seriously though, the GTA report does almost read like a Dilbert-esque "we have to concentrate our limited resources across the board" mentality, doesn't it?

10:30 AM  

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