Thursday, October 08, 2009

Web Giving, Interrupted

Here's a tip for public radio stations getting ready to do their fall fund drives.

When sending eblasts, it is important to put the phone number in body copy using a format that let's the user dial the number by clicking on it.


Because more people are reading emails on their smartphones, but not pledging through those devices. The opportunity to get people to act is as they are reading the email. You just can't count on them remembering to reopen the email at a later time.

Until giving via a mobile device is as easy and common as over a computer, you'll want to extend the recipient's giving options by making it easy to call in a contribution when the email is first opened.

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Blogger Mike Crane said...

Great point, John. Maybe the great minds that attended pubcamp and the digital think in can come up with a great open source iphone pledge app! Meanwhile, this is a good reminder that even when we run an "online" campaign that we need to include the phone number.

5:23 PM  

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