Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Future Revenues

Public Media Futures Forum:  We participated in a robust discussion about revenue growth opportunities for public radio. Once again, we raised the idea that public radio is leaving money on the table by not allowing NPR to raise money directly from listeners. 

We see up to $50,000,000 in upside revenue for the industry and we think we've found a way to protect station's membership fundraising at the same time. has a summary of the discussion here.

Previous posts on the topic are at the end of this post.

We believe significantly different revenue results require a significantly different effort.  That's why we keep coming back to this issue.  Also on our list of opportunities:

1. Public Radio's national leadership has to fall in love with radio again. There is still plenty of room and opportunity to grow the radio audience and reap the revenue benefits that come with more listening. 

2.  Public Radio's national leadership has to rekindle its passion for station success.  Large national goals mean nothing.  Helping the greatest number of stations succeed is more important than reaching a big number nationally.

We also love the work Barbara Appleby and Valerie Arganbright are doing with sustainer giving.  So much so that we suggested to NPR that it find the means to make their services available to stations at no cost.  (But not through a tax on stations.  Been there, done that).

More to come as the conference progresses.

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