Thursday, September 20, 2007

For APM: DC Must Wait

Looks like APM won't be setting up shop in Washington, DC quite yet. From the always on top of things website

WGTS Sale Deferred - 9/20 - DCRTV hears that the trustees of Takoma Park's Columbia Union College voted today to defer selling Christian contemporary WGTS (91.9 FM). For now, anyway. The station was expected to be sold to Minnesota Public Radio parent American Public Media to become a news talker. WGTS will continue "as is" for foreseeable future, we're told. We also hear that WGTS made a like announcement on its airwaves on Thursday afternoon.....

And at the WGTS website:

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Anonymous Brad Deltan said...

That didn't take long. Current is reporting that APM is going to buy WMCU in Miami instead.

Why isn't this a bigger deal? Member stations should be screaming in fury about APM using their affiliate fees to turn around and directly compete with the affiliate stations.

I think KPCC was given a collective pass since there was room enough for both KCRW and KPCC...but now WLRN is squarely in APM's sights. Oh sure, APM is saying they'll do classical on WMCU now. Wanna take bets how long that'll last if classical doesn't raise enough funds? Or it HD Radio takes off?

10:46 PM  

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