Friday, December 29, 2006

How Not To Think About or Treat Donors

A compilation of fundraising no-nos I encountered in the last year or so.

Dear Lapsed Donor,

It has been 15 months since your last contribution to WXXX and, quite frankly, you should know better than to go that long without giving us some money.

Not only that, we have noticed that you entered several of our sweepstakes this year without pledging. Cheapskate. Moreover, your last contribution of $75 was more than $25 below the typical gift we receive during a pledge drive. To think, you had the audacity to call ask why it took more than 4 months to send your mug. What's up with that?

I am writing you today to ask that you rejoin WXXX at $150 to once again become a member in good standing. That's $75 for this year and the $75 you should have given us last year. In addition to the many wonderful thank you gifts at the $150 level, you will help ensure that WXXX can continue to bring you programming that respects your intelligence.


Someone You've Never Heard of at WXXX


Anonymous Aaron Read said...

LOL! I snorted coffee out my nose reading this!

I've always wanted to see a fundraising letter that took this concept to the logical extreme:

"Dear patron of our service,

Fuck you, give us your money already!

Jethro Q. Thudpucker,
Fundraising Associate"

I might actually give some money to a letter like that. I respect someone who's tired of beating around the bush and just wants to call a spade, a spade. :-)

2:53 PM  

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