Monday, December 12, 2005

A Busy Week Ahead

There's a lot to write about this week so come back often. Topics will include our adventures with HD Radio (as consumers), religion and the public radio listener, and more on why we don't think "news fatigue" explains the recent dip in public radio's audience.


Blogger Aaron Read said...

Worth noting...several folks reported on PubTech (the public radio engineers' listserv) that their pre-orders of Boston Acoustics Recepter HD Radios came in last week. And several websites (BA's and also are showing them as "in stock" rather than "coming soon".

This is big...BA's "Recepter HD" is the first commercially-available tabletop radio that can get IBOC/HD Radio signals. It also does multicasting, and it's also about $1000 cheaper than any other non-car HD Radio-capable receiver at this point, too.

The fact that it did (technically) make it in time for Christmas is nice but it's really too late. Nowhere near enough time to market the release enough to get Joe Consumer to buy. Pity.

Still, it's a major hurdle overcome; many stations engineers I know are now saying they can't use their HD Radio signal as a testing ground anymore (and instead have to treat it like a "real" station) because there might actually be listeners!

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