Friday, September 23, 2005

20,000,000 Downloads In One Hour

Podcasting is great. And at the Public Radio Program Director conference today it was announced that download 1,000,000 from the NPR podcasting service is just a day or so away. That’s really good news.

But lest we come off sounding like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers, we should remember that 1,000,000 is not a big number in our business.

A typical hour of Morning Edition or All Things Considered has about 10 main program elements per hour – 2 newscasts and 8 other stories or interviews. That’s the equivalent of 10 podcast features or stories. The average audience for an hour of Morning Edition or ATC is roughly 2,000,000 listeners. Two million listeners hearing the equivalent of 10 podcast features in one hour.

20,000,000 downloads in one hour.

Radio… it’s impressive.


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