Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Fundraising

The Fall fundraising season is off to a very strong start with most stations we've worked with meeting or exceeding goals. Some stations have exceeded last Fall's results by a lot.

It is especially important right now to remember that programming is the cause of giving, not the premiums or sweepstakes prizes. The news over the past 10 months has been extraordinary and public radio's coverage of it has been exceptional. Any fundraising message helping listeners recognize the value they've received from listening is fundraising time well spent.

The fundraising tactics -- premiums and giveaways and challenge grants -- help motivate listeners to give at specific times and in certain ways. That's important, but don't lose sight of the value of programming.

It is also important to again note the excellent work on sustaining giving by MPR. Today, sustaining giver plans are one of the most powerful approaches to attracting new members and reducing dependency on pledge drives.

Fundraising messages that link public radio's extraordinary news coverage to monthly giving are particularly effective right now. Arbitron data show that Core listeners engage with their stations 40 to 60 times per month. In that context, $5 or $10 is an exceptional investment.

Good fundraising to you.

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Blogger CTmediamagr said...

Great comments and a good reminder. At one of my most recent positions a lot of emphasis was put on high-end premiums as motivation for giving. I thought the message about the unique and valuable content got lost in the shuffle. I expressed this. I'm no longer there.

10:53 AM  

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