Monday, March 29, 2010

Grow the Audience: Entrepreneurship is Key

The Grow the Audience report Proposals for New Media Investment includes the following goal:

"Create a universal Public Radio Player, an embeddable slideshow and playlist-enabled web player for station and other websites, allowing access to all public radio streams, on-demand content, and localized choices from stations."

The report also says public radio should be spending up to two million dollars a year to develop such players. It shouldn't cost that much.

For public radio to succeed in the open marketplace, it has to stop spending like the subsidies will always be here. The industry overspends on projects because of these subsidies. Continuing that practice will only hinder, not help, public radio when the subsidies dry up. Building budgets and spending money based on the old business model doesn't make sense in the new marketplace.

Read what the universal public radio player is supposed to do. 90% of it is already available in the Listener-Interactive web player, which was created by a few entrepreneurs for far, far less than the numbers in the Grow the Audience report.

You can see a demo of the Listener-Interactive web player here. There is a companion iPhone app with the same functionality. This user interface will transfer to dashboards when cars start coming with mobile broadband functionality.

JSA has been working with Listener-Interactive to develop this listener-focused tool so there will be revenue opportunities for stations. There are also collaborative revenue possibilities that could benefit program producers and networks as well.

More on that in a future posting.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Power of Sound

Martin Lindstrom writes in Fast Company about the 10 most addictive sounds in our lives.

The power of sound... something we shouldn't lose sight of as public "radio" morphs into public "media."

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