Friday, December 14, 2007

First Look: Public Radio in PPM

Paragon Media Strategies’ Mike Henry and I presented the first look at public radio audiences in the PPM measurement system at Arbitron’s consultant fly-in on December 13th.

Among the insights gained from the study:

1. Public radio and commercial radio news stations don’t compete as much as one might think.

2. PPM shows that audience flow for public radio isn’t very different from the results reported in the diaries. Even though the Cume, TSL, and AQHs are different, listener behavior is very similar.

PPM is beginning to show how public radio stations can better understand audience response to pledge drives – from disruption to recovery time. More PPM insights about pledge drives will be reported in January.

You can download the presentation at the Paragon Media Strategies web site by clicking here.

Our thanks to Paragon Media Strategies for partnering with JSA on this project and to Arbitron for the opportunity to work on this study.

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