Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Don't Create Your Own Economic Crisis

There is lot of discussion in public radio about how "these uncertain times" and the bad economy might affect fundraising. Some stations are already lowering their goals without giving listeners a chance to help them succeed.

We're advising clients to stick with their goals and find creative ways to meet them. That's because there isn't a station out there that can't improve its fundraising in some way.

Thanks to meticulous planning and great execution, the Winter fund drive at all-classical KBAQ in Phoenix is off to a strong start, running slightly ahead of goal after two abbreviated days of fundraising. KBAQ uses no premiums. Their drive continues through Saturday, wrapping up with the Met Opera. Yes, the KBAQ fund drive is over when the fat lady sings. Well, almost over. They usually get in one more appeal right after that.

KUNC in Greeley, CO repeated its success with a 1-Day drive. Their first one in the Fall went way over goal. This Winter 1-Day drive finsihed more than 110 contributions over goal and exceeded last Winter's 3-Day drive results by more than 300 contributions. You can read more about it here.

The down economy might just be the best time to try something like a 1-Day drive or an All the Money, Half the Time drive. It seems counter intuitive. Harder times typically require more effort. But dramatically shorter fund drives capture the listeners' imaginations. Shorter drives transcend the everyday.

Instead of assuming a tough economy means less money, why not seize the moment to create an economic victory for your station?

A free 1-Day drive kit is available here.

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Blogger Aaron Read said...

Amen, brother! In December WEOS posted it's best monthly total EVER, by a hefty margin.

And it was thanks in no small part to John's excellent "Best of Public Radio" project, I might add. Best investment we made all year towards fundraising.

Granted, that was December and now it's February (i.e. the election is now well and truly over) but I've noticed "recession thinking" creeping into a lot of things people do, and it's amazing how easily you can unnecessarily sabotage yourself.

11:15 AM  

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